Historical Fiction



The Whistle Walk

Stephenia H. McGee

When fear brings the South to its knees, two women forge a friendship in the fires of redemption and thrust Ironwood Plantation into a new future...where the battle for freedom has just begun.


Heir of Hope

Stephenia H. McGee

When Emily discovers an old diary hidden in the attic, her life becomes strangely entwined with her Civil War ancestor and she soon begins to wonder how a woman long dead can keep showing up in her dreams.


Leveraging Lincoln

Stephenia H. McGee

On the threshold of losing her plantation, Annabelle Ross finds a cryptic letter on a dying soldier and seizes the opportunity to get out a message of her own. She never dreamed her plan would brand her a suspected spy… or worse, an unwilling conspirator. 


Losing Lincoln

Stephenia H. McGee

She thought she'd saved them all, but now a more nefarious plot emerges, increasing the stakes and threatening to bring a nation to its knees.


Labeling Lincoln

Stephenia H. McGee

No matter what they called him, Lincoln was dead. Now the suspected conspirators are called to trial and Annabelle and Matthew must face accusations amid misrepresented loyalties.

In His Eyes_ebook.jpg

In His Eyes

Stephenia H. McGee

She pretends to be a Yankee officer's widow in order to survive. But what will she do when he returns home to a wife he didn't marry?