Dealing in Shadows

Gloria Clover

About this Book

Book Four: Dealing in Shadows: June 12, 2018

An imprisoned island. A desperate leader…and a prince gambling on faith. 

Since her parents' courageous sacrifice, Kylie Laperouse leads a band of rebels in the underground tunnels of Karoo. She lives to free prisoners from the governor's systematic slavery and to protect them from the island's dragon.

Prince Mitchell Chifley Monroe eagerly embraces his mission to Karoo, but he'd rather forgo pursuing a princess. As he uncovers the island's secrets, he finds more than the penitentiary keeping its inhabitants cowering in the shadows.

When darkness deals a fatal hand, Kylie and Mitch must trounce the true enemy enslaving Karoo and play their final ace—shining the King's Light into generations blinded by fear.

About the Author

Gloria Clover, Christ-follower and Truth-seeker, writes romantic fiction with the hope of showing God’s love and our need in both humorous and haunting ways. The Children of the King series is her first endeavor into speculative fiction, a series set in the future when the King sends out his children to reclaim his lost lands.

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